SVGZ and lossy compression

original file: lab.png (300.14 KB): svgz container and lossy compression
original WebP (cwebp default) pingo -svgz
lab - PNG lab - cwebp lab - svgz lossy
300.14 KB 66.34 KB (0.16s) 37.18 KB (0.13s)
dssim - butteraugli 0.00100984 - 3.728334 0.00074106 - 3.604733

convert JPG to PNG (with filter)

original file: image-optimisation.jpg (254.14 KB): JPG to PNG conversion with more colors
original pingo -pngconvert=8 -pngpalette=100
hand - original hand - original
254.14 KB 63.84 KB (0.78s)

how to optimize PNG losslessly for web

original file: rose.png (70 KB): remove non-rendered image data
original file pingo -s1
rose rose - pingo
70 KB (3.49s) 31.95 KB (0.13s) - PNG

WebP alternative near-lossless image compression (filter)

original file: orange.png (222.65 KB): alternative near-lossless WebP (lossy)
original pingo -webp-filter=40
orange - original orange - webp near lossless 50
222.65 KB 86.25 KB (0.32s)
dssim - butteraugli 0.00089928 - 2.105718

auto-rotation according to EXIF orientation segment

original file: station.jpg (392.52 KB): auto-orientation
original pingo -s9 pingo -auto
hand - original hand - original hand - original
392.52 KB 383.83 KB (0.33s) 358.94 KB (0.57s)
original lossless lossy

remove artifacts from image scans (text-image)

original file: lorem.jpg (44.60 KB): transform image by removing artifacts
original pingo -text
lorem - original lorem - pingo
44.60 KB 10.08 KB (0.12s) - PNG
JPG PNG (transformed imaga data)

optimize WebP losslessly for web (or PNG to WebP lossless)

original file: zephyr.png (866.12 KB) — paletted WebP encoding
cwebp -mt -lossless -m 6 -q 100 pingo -webp-lossless -s1 pingo -webp-lossless -s4
zephyr - cwebp brute force zephyr - pingo webp s1 zephyr - pingo webp s4
788.06 KB (14.417s) 697.76 KB (1.231s) 672.82 KB (2.989s)

fast removal of meta-data from PNG

original file: bear-yellow-itxt.png (98.34 KB): remove non-critical chunks without image data processing
original pingo -fast
bear yellow - original bear yellow - pingo
98.34 KB 22.48 KB (0.01s) - PNG

transform image data to remove transparency

original file: file01.png (358.51 KB): remove transparency from PNG (lossy)
original pingo -s0 -notrans pingo -notrans (auto)
file01 - original file01 - no transparency file01 -no transparency (JPG)
358.51 KB 315.95 KB (0.17s) - PNG 66.94 KB (0.15s) - JPG

set a specific quality factor for JPG

original file: bees.png (170.34 KB): set JPG quality
original pingo -jpgquality=90
bees - original bees - jpgquality90
170.34 KB 34.80 KB (0.09s)