pinga — PNG and JPG optimizer

version: 0.1664-bit — windows (zip)

pinga, PNG/JPG optimizer

« just drag and drop files/folders, or use send to »


auto optimizer for Web convert PNG or JPG to sRGB
do image compression automatically CMYK JPG — iCCP/ICC color or gray
WebP optimizer APNG optimization
optimize WebP losslessly optimize animated PNG losslessly or lossy
image transformations clean all private data
auto-rotation, grayscale, scaling, no trans remove private or useless data from images


highly optimized speed — compression multiprocessing — multithreading
palette sorting, advanced filters, SIMD opt. process multiple files and multiblocks comp.
multiple adaptive lossy targets high quality
set lossy filtering, quantization or paletted detect JPG quality, no color differences
management of some corrupted files
try to handle corrupted files automatically