pingo — fast web image optimizer

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  • automatic image compression — pingo could try to detect image specifications and do automatic image compression for web. it supports many near-lossless transformations like lossy filtering, color quantization or palettization
  • web optimizer — pingo supports many formats: PNG optimizer, JPG optimizer with chroma controls, an alternative WebP optimizer or its own WebP near-lossless (both different from the lib), lossless/lossy APNG optimizer, and could convert PNG to SVGZ
  • fast and strong image optimizer — it does highly optimized compression/speed ratio, targeting better image transformations instead of more iterations. you could see some comparison with other PNG tools
  • image transformations — it could do some image manipulation like auto-rotation of JPG, CMYK JPG auto-conversion to RGB, PNG conversion to sRGB, removing PNG transparency, image to grayscale, JPG resizing, image details enhancement
  • remove all private data — pingo could remove all private data from JPG or PNG chunks which does not affect how the image is rendered. this could be done during optimization process or without processing image data


donationware — update: 0.99 rc3

do backup

use pingo on copies only. always do backup of your original files. be aware that pingo could overwrite input files (recursively) without any warning


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GUI image optimizer

easy to use GUI image optimizer (PNG, JPG, WebP)

pingo GUI, image optimizer


  • easy to use GUI (drag and drop — SendTo)
  • automatic compression and transformations
  • preview of lossy compression
  • multiprocessing/threading — fast processing
  • highly optimized compression ratio