pingo optimizer

pingo, a fast image optimizer

pingo is an experimental, fast Web PNG/JPG optimizer which offer lossless, visually lossless or lossy compression. it performs image reductions over iterations thanks to recursive multi-processing and multithreading systems

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version: 0.96z6 — zip, windows xp/7/8/10 — free32-bit download

manual (v0.96)


always do backup before using pingo. try on test files/folders especially made for this. understand that this tool is processing all files in subfolders. it could convert/reduce the visual quality of your files and overwrite them without any backup or warning

see some examples for pingo usage

options range type effect
-auto/-auto=N auto [1-100] auto-select lossy type/format
-s0 to -s8 0 — 8 v.lossless v.lossless optimization/compression level
-lossless lossless enable strict lossless optimization
-fast, -strip=N 0 — 3 lossy remove/set chunks/markers from PNG/JPG
-pngquality=N 1 — 100 lossy auto-select lossy type (it picks filter or palette)
-pngfilter=N 1 — 100 lossy (type) use lossy filter to transform data
-pngcolor=N 1 — 100 lossy (type) reduce the number of colors
-pngpalette=N 1 — 100 lossy (type) quantize to paletted (256 colors max)
-pngnotrans lossy convert RGB for a white background, remove transparency
-jpgquality=N 1 — 100 lossy set JPG quality
-jpgsample=N 0 — 2 lossy set JPG subsampling
-jpgtable=N 0 — 5 lossy set JPG quantization table
-jpgconvert lossy convert PNG to JPG (RGB for a white background)
no[value] effect
-nopng disable PNG processing
-nojpg disable JPG processing
-nopngstrip do not remove PNG chunks
-nojpgstrip do not remove JPG markers
-nodate restore modification date
-noalpha do not change RGB if alpha is 0
-compress, -c
just do recompression
-nocompression, -nc encode uncompressed PNG datastream
-nodithering disable diffusion (palette/filter)
-norotation ignore JPG orientation tag
-noconversion do not convert PNG to JPG in auto
-nocheck do not change extension according to file header
miscellaneous effect
-uncompress, -u just do uncompression
-reset force filter none, remove RGB data if alpha is 0, uncompress
-soft lossy but high quality presets
-grayscale convert image data to grayscale
-rgb: N N N set red, green and blue (0-255); enabled with -pngnotrans or -jpgconvert
-nomulti, -low disable multiblocks/multiprocessing
-multiprocess=N enable or disable the multiprocessing (default enabled)
-multiblocks=N set the number of threads (default: 4)
-verbose=N set the verbose level (0=quiet, 1=result, 2=result and %, 3=result, % and size)
-q, -quiet set verbose to 0