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Lossy PNG Optimization

This guide will show you how to optimize your PNG files for Web using color quantization, posterization or lossy averaging filter.

Lossy average filter
PNG32 - 17384 colorsPNG32 - Lossy filter
Colors palette painting Colors palette painting - lossy filter
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TruePNG is a tool that uses a lot of reductions during PNG optimization, that's why it's so efficient unlike others tools. In this article, you will find what are reductions done by TruePNG, and how to use it to optimize your PNG files.

TruePNG, colors ordering in PNG palette
Standard TruePNG
Colors ordering brown pngrewrite Colors ordering brown by TruePNG
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PNG Tools Overview

This is an overview of PNG optimizations tools: they are compared with a special set of files, that requires reductions, better filtering or compression. How to use them, what do they do, and why it's better to combine some of them.

PNG Tools Overview: what do they do?
Old Green Car - optimized by PNGOUT Old Green Car - optimized by TruePNG
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Why TruePNG beats PNGOUT is this sample? It's not because PNGOUT is a bad program. In this case, TruePNG could be better because of the cleaning of unnecessary RGB values. But guess what? Using PNGOUT after TruePNG is even better.