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Grayscale conversion problems

Coriy said, on 28/01/2022
I've used pingo for a while to convert color and  black & white  jpeg and jpg images to grayscale. The 1.0 alpha still converts color to grayscale just fine, but it has a very weird error when an image that is black & white is made grayscale. In other words, it has a strange output when an image without color is reduced to 256 shades of grayscale. It reports the size of the images and the savings in GB rather than the actual KB and MB of the files. What's more it doesn't always complete the full conversion, so some files aren't really grayscale. I used a *.bat file to help me and the total commands are: 

@echo off
pingo -noconversion -grayscale *.jpg
pingo -noconversion -grayscale *.jpeg

Also, I tried the -s0 command after the -grayscale and sometimes that seemed to prevent conversion to grayscale.
cédric (dev) said, on 28/01/2022
could you provide a sample?
Coriy said, on 30/01/2022
How would you like me to submit a sample. 
I have one that's a grayscale schematic. The original is about 470 kB, and after grayscale conversion it rises to 503 kB.
cédric (dev) said, on 31/01/2022
a7 should fix this, thanks for report