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Option to save color for transparent pixels

Tim said, on 30/05/2022
command: Used pinga with losless compression and no color subsampling

Hello there !

First thanks so much for this amazing tool, it's really in a class of its own.

Now i am a Gamedeveloper and due to mipmapping we need to save the color iformation of transparent pixels as well, or at least for a perimeter of a few pixels (depending on resolution) around the opaque parts of a texture. 
Otherwise lower mipmaps will have black borders (due to the downscaling) and the 
models using the textures will look terrible at a distance.

It would be super awesome if you could add this as a feature. If you could even make it only retain the transparent color values for the texture size relative perimeter, that would be even more amazing.

I am not sure how large the part of your userbase is that does 3D and/or Game Development, but i can assure you for those people this feature is absolutely essential - so it think the effort would be worthwhile.

Best regards,
Tim said, on 30/05/2022
Here's an example of how the color pixels are changed through the compression applied by pinga:
(alpha channel is disabled in this view to make the difference visible)
cédric (dev) said, on 09/06/2022
done in 0.42
Tim said, on 12/06/2022
Man this was incredibly fast ! Thank you so much :) 
I just tested it and it works just as it should and still the compression result is very good.
Gonna donate some money right now to support the amazing job you're doing.