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arbitrary resize values

thibaud said, on 14/06/2022
I just wanted to thank you for the awesome work done on pingo.
We're currently using it extensively and with great result to optimize large sets of uncompressed pbr textures (8192*8192).
A recent change in our export pipeline requires downscaling to 4096x4096 too.
Rather than re-rendering them we though we would test pingo resizing.
If I understand correctly the -resize range is limited between 24 to 1920 only. is that correct ?  Is there any chance you'd bump that up to 4096 ? :) or allow an arbitrary value ?
Also do you have any info regarding the resampling used for the downscaling ? -resize=4098
cédric (dev) said, on 20/06/2022
a21 should go up to 4096
Thibaud said, on 26/05/2023
It seems that there might be a regression, pinga max w/h dropdown stops at 1920.
was the new option only available in pingo ?
cédric (dev) said, on 23/06/2023
i missed your post. should be fixed in v0.53, ty for report