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Separate path and filename to make filenames easier to read

Harrison said, on 03/11/2021
When processing a list of files which are stored under a long directory name, the individual filenames are impossible to read due to fixed column width and window size.
Clicking on individual images also does not reveal their filename, and mousing over items does not show truncated values.

Can you please make adjustments to the pinga GUI so it is easier to check what has been added for processing? Thank you.
James Pous said, on 19/11/2021
The same to me. The Pinga gui is nice and small, but the file and path list is not very clearly arranged. Sometimes I would like to resize the window and it is fixed. The size of the window is not very big for people who use a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.
cédric (dev) said, on 16/12/2021
i would check this for the next release