pingo optimizer

pingo, a fast image optimizer

pingo is an experimental, fast Web PNG/JPG optimizer with visually lossless or lossy compression. it performs image reductions over iterations with a recursive multi-processing system

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Version: 0.84 — ZIP, Windows XP/7/8/10 — Free



always do backup before using pingo. try on test files/folders especially made for this. understand that this tool is processing all files in subfolders. it could convert/reduce the visual quality of your files and overwrite them without any backup or warning

how to use

  • for Web usage, pingo could try to pick near-optimal settings if you do not provide any options
  • you should consider something else than maximum compression — lossy -x0 could be a faster alternative
  • the -s0 profile should have the best efficiency (time/size) most of the time
main profiles
options range effect
(no option) auto-optimize for Web (adaptive)
-s0 ... -s8 0 — 8 visually lossless optimization level
-x0 ... -x3 0 — 3 auto-lossy levels
other options
options range effect
-verbose=N 0 — 3 verbose level quiet/results/purcentage/savings
-convertjpg=N 0 — 4 set JPG quality for PNG => JPG | 0 = disable PNG to JPG in auto
PNG options
options range effect
-palette convert PNG to paletted mode
-palette=N 1 — 100 convert PNG to paletted mode (set quality)
-lossyfilter use lossy filter
-lossyfilter=N 0 — 3 use lossy filter (set quality)
-recompress=N 0 — 8 disable trials, recompress only | 0 = remove non-critical chunks
JPG options
options range effect
-progressive enable progressive encoding
-sample=N 0 — 2 set subsampling
-quality=N 1 — 100 set an approximative JPG quality
-table=N 0 — 5 set the quantization table (see mozjpeg)
-alltables try tables to find the smallest lossy result (very slow)

pingo usage


  1. install pingo
  2. right click on files/folders
  3. Send to > Optimize for Web (pingo)

more options? use command line — installed version can be used from Path — see how it works

do backup before using pingo

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PNG and JPG optimizer

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