Image Compression


ScriptPNG is a tool for front-end engineers that can reduce PNG files sizes automatically by doing lossless or lossy compression.

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Version: 28/11/2015 - ZIP file, For Windows XP, Vista, 7 ou 8 - 1.17 MB - Free

How to use

Drag and drop on script

Just drag-and-drop files or folder on the script!


Lossless PNG Optimization

Lossless options for PNG
KeyOptionWhat it does
1 Fastest reductions with zlib deflation
2 Fast reductions, transparency trial and zlib deflation
3 Intense reductions and 7-zip's deflate
4 High reductions, transparency trial and 7-zip's deflate
5 Best reductions, transparency trial, best filtering and 7-zip's deflate

ScriptPNG is designed to be faster than before. However, if you don't care about time and want better lossless compression, try out the experimental pngslim.

Lossy PNG Optimization

Lossy options for PNG
KeyOptionWhat it does
8 PNG8+A converts PNG into paletted - keep transparency
9 PNG24+A converts data for a specific filter - see demonstration

PNG Optimization example

PNG24+A - Blurizes the image with averaging filter
true colors9 PNG24+A
Colors on a palette with pencil Colors on a palette with pencil - lossy compression
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