Image Compression


ScriptJPG is a tool for front-end engineers that can reduce JPG files sizes automatically by doing lossless or lossy compression.

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Version: 03/07/2015 - ZIP file, For Windows XP, Vista, 7 ou 8 - 274 KB - Free

How to use

Drag and drop on script

Just drag-and-drop files or folder on the script!


Lossless JPG Optimization

Lossless options for JPG
KeyOptionWhat it does
1 Lossless Optimize JPG files losslessly by using more agressive progressive scan.

Lossy JPG Optimization

Lossy options for JPG
KeyOptionWhat it does
2 to 9 Quality 95% to 60% Convert to specified quality and optimize with lossless settings.

Script tweaks

You can edit the script with a simple text editor. Then, find the corresponding line and change values to custom it. Here's default values and variables:


set "autorun=0"

Line 3: Replace the value 0 to 1 to make the script in autorun mode. Then, it will not ask the options you want to run and will use the default value.

JPG default value

set "autorun_option=1"

Line 4: The default value for JPG optimization. It matches with JPG options you can find in the script. For example, if you modify this option to 9, the default value will be Quality 60%.

Close automatically

set "close_script_end=0"

Line 5: The default value for auto-closing the script at the end of process. If you turn it to 1, then the script will not wait and close automatically when all jobs are done.