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pingo, a fast image optimizer

pingo is an experimental, fast Web PNG/JPG optimizer with visually lossless or lossy compression. it performs image reductions over iterations with a recursive multi-processing system

do backup before using pingo

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Version: 0.65 - ZIP file, Windows XP/7/8/10 - 32 bits - 546 KB - Free
pingo soft lossy

lossy compression

lossy for Web
original pingo
Colored lab 4 Colored lab - pingo
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pingo screenshot

PNG and JPG optimizer

multi-processing files clean all chunks auto image reductions
adaptive lossy for Web fast palette optimizer fast zopfli deflation
pingo efficiency

fast PNG optimizer

3000 PNG files
OptiPNG -o2 pingo -s0 ScriptPNG 1 Fast pingo (lossless)
38.44 s 1.51 s 81.45 s 3.18 s
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machine : FX-4100@3.6 Ghz | data : 3000 PNG files, with critical chunks only | builds : 32 bits

how to use

auto optimizer

if you do not provide any options, pingo will optimize your files for Web automatically. it could do conversion (PNG to JPG), and/or picks lossy or lossless. regardless of which option you set, pingo overwrites your files without any notifications or backup if it can reduce the filesize.

there is no way to reverse the lossy process so only use pingo on test files

:: optimize all PNG for Web (lossy or lossless)
pingo *.png
:: optimize all PNG/JPG for Web (lossy or lossless) inside myfolder and subfolders
pingo myfolder


some examples and path support

:: optimize image.png with lossless fast profile
pingo -s0 image.png
:: optimize all PNG with lossless good profile
pingo -s1 *.png
:: optimize all PNG/JPG losslessly inside myfolder and subfolders
pingo -s2myfolder 
pingo -s3 c:\myfolder
pingo -s4 \\server\myfolder