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pingo, a fast image optimizer

pingo is an experimental, visually lossless and fast PNG/JPG optimizer for Web. it uses image reductions over iterations with a multi-processing system and an advanced compression. pingo supports drag-and-drop of files or folders and processes subfolders.

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Version: 0.38 - ZIP file, Windows 7/8/10 - 32 bits - 523 KB - Free
pingo Comparison

PNG optimization

3000 files - FX-4100@3.6 Ghz - critical chunks only - pingo 0.36
OptiPNG -o2 pingo -s0 ScriptPNG 1 Fast pingo -s1
38.44 s 1.57 s 81.45 s 2.89 s
772,47 KB 831,62 KB 850,38 KB 983,73 KB

How to use



you can drag-and-drop folders or files on pingo.exe.


Just drag-and-drop your folder on pingo!

command line

you can also use command line as follow:

optimize all PNG
pingo -s0 *.png

optimize all PNG/JPG
pingo *.*

optimize all PNG/JPG in this folder + subfolders
pingo -s2 mywebsite

optimize all PNG/JPG in this local/virtual drive + subfolders
pingo -s3 d:\mywebsite

optimize all PNG/JPG in this network location + subfolders
pingo -s4 \\server\mywebsite

please be sure to have read/write access to files.