image optimizer for web

wavif converter to AVIF

wavif is an experimental — at early stage of development — lossy PNG/JPG converter to AVIF designed to be used for web context

wavif converting 80 files converted 80 PNG to AVIF

usage — examples

wavif -effort=N myfolder
N from 0 to 2, efficiency (quality/size)
wavif -auto=X *.png
X from 1 to 100, quality level

PNG — lossy

wavif in.png
infile outfile time
607,27 KB 19,08 KB 0,04s
120,55 KB 18,24 KB 0,04s
423,42 KB 54,58 KB 0,08s

JPG — lossy

wavif in.jpg
infile outfile time
173,65 KB 30,50 KB 0,04s
1,76 MB 0,75 KB 0,04s