uncompressed PNG datastream

C├ędric Louvrier said on 02/24/2018

pingo 0.95v is now able to encode uncompressed PNG datastream. this can be useful is some cases:


those options could overwrite regardless of filesize (and create negative savings)

just uncompress

pingo -uncompress file.png

this will preserve all chunks and create a single iDAT which contains uncompressed data. it does not perform any optimization, transformations or reductions. the shorcut for this command can also be used: -u

optimize, then encode uncompressed data

pingo -s8 -nocompression file.png

instead of running the whole profile, including final compression step, pingo could optimize your file and create optimized but uncompressed data. this can also be combined with all PNG transformations (including lossless, visually lossless or lossy). the shorcut for this command: -nc

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