show pinga execution arguments + typo in documentations (pngpaletted instead of pngpalette)

Abdulaziz Alnasi said on 05/07/2018

Hello everyone, I was looking for an app to optimize images takes with ShareX, after using Pinga I don't use any other software at all, you already put a note about using it for testing purposes, but man, there is no alternative with this effectively, so i decided to use "Actions option" which allows me to execute specific Command after taking a picture.

I use these settings in Pinga:


so when i decided to make a command to do the same thing, I came up with this:

pingo -pngquality=1 -pngfilter=1 -pngpalette=1 -pngcolor=1 -s0 -lossless

but I never get the same result, when I use this command then try to use Pinga to check if it can be optimized more, it could, thought it might be 1% or around it, but i want to get the same effect.

so what I need is one of two things:

1 - provide me with the same command of the settings in the image.

2 - add new feature to see the executed commands, so I can get used to the commands easily, it can be a button after "optimized column" (which I prefer).

Cédric Louvrier said on 05/07/2018

thanks for the typo

provide me with the same command of the settings in the image

try this:

pingo -pngpalette=40 -nojpg <targets>

Abdulaziz Alnasi said on 05/09/2018

Thank you for the command, but I didn't get it, why 40?

isn't starting from 1 to 100?

so 1 should be the less size, while 100 the full quality with bigger size?

Or I am misunderstanding it?

Cédric Louvrier said on 05/09/2018

that is right, but 40 is the lower in pinga atm

Abdulaziz Alnasi said on 05/10/2018

So it might be less in the future, shouldn't I set it to 1 from now?

Cédric Louvrier said on 05/10/2018

i suggest you test and see what is best for your files. however, be aware that 1 is *very aggressive* regarding quality. 40 is usually fine on flat & simple graphics

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