Pingo window title

Lord_D said on 10/27/2018


I have a somewhat weird request.

Could you remove the space between the percentage sign and the number in the console window title and enclose them in the brackets?

Something like that:

pingo [%d%%] (%0.2f %sB saved)
[%d%%] pingo (%0.2f %sB saved)

The fact is that the console emulator ConEmu (aka Cmder) displays the progress indicator on the taskbar if it finds percentages in brackets in the title.

Round, square, and curly braces would be appropriate. And it is necessary that there is no blank space.

Also, there is the carriage return and the space chars at the beginning of the format strings (I found two strings, the second does not contain "(%0.2f %sB saved)") - Because of this, the tooltip starts with a blank line and the title is invisible on the ConEmu tab:


Cédric Louvrier said on 11/05/2018

i changed some things in 0.98.39 but i did not try — does it work?

Lord_D said on 11/06/2018

Works fine. Thank you!

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