how to use pingo


always do backup before using pingo. try on test files/folders especially made for this. understand that this tool is processing all files in subfolders. it could convert/reduce the visual quality of your files and overwrite them without any backup or warning


:: process file.png
pingo <options> file.png
:: process all PNG in the current directory
pingo <options> *.png
:: process all PNG/JPG in myfolder, including subfolders
pingo <options> myfolder
:: process all PNG/JPG in mysubfolder1, including subfolders
pingo <options> c:\myfolder\mysubfolder1
:: process all PNG/JPG in mysubfolder1 (avoid subfolders)
pingo <options> c:\myfolder\mysubfolder1\*.png *.jpg
:: process all PNG/JPG in myfolder and otherone (including subfolders)
pingo <options> c:\myfolder d:\otherone
:: process all PNG/JPG in myfolder (including subfolders)
pingo <options> \\server\folder\myfolder
:: process all PNG in myfolder (avoid subfolders, avoid JPG)
pingo <options> \\\myfolder\*.png