[bug] Pinga can't handle many files

Olav R. Birkeland said on 04/09/2018


Thanks for your great image optimization programs! I use pinga almost every day, great stuff. But I've found a little bug:

When adding too many PNGs to Pinga, it just skipps optimizing them.

Here's a screenshot where I've added 900+ small PNG images:


If clearing the files list, and add one PNG or JPEG, Pinga still won't optimize it. You have to restart the program before it acts like normal again.

I'd also want to make a feature request:

* Make Pinga auto update pingo.exe.

Per now I symlink pingo.exe to a Google Drive synced folder, so that Pingo.exe updates on all my three installations. It's pretty neat (IMHO), but auto update inside Pinga would be more awesome.

Thanks again for these great programs!

C├ędric Louvrier said on 04/09/2018

thanks for report. this should be fixed in 0.06c

Make Pinga auto update pingo.exe

the pinga installer is always updated with latest pingo release (the pinga version is related to changes in UI however, so it will not change)

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