Parameters order

Nilsson said on 05/12/2018


- Is important the order of the parameters? -sN, -strip, -lossless, -grayscale ...

- Is a good idea to mix -jpgfilter/sample with -jpgquality? or -jpgquality will select the best filter and sample?

Cédric Louvrier said on 05/13/2018


i added few words about order of parameters in pingo

default settings

pingo has default settings in all modes, including lossy PNG or JPG

:: JPG lossy
pingo -jpgquality=80 <targets>

if you use this command, pingo uses defined quantization table and sampling automatically according to file specifications. for example, if the target is a JPG and if luminance and chrominance components are [2,2], pingo should not upsample this and could change the quantization table as well

-jpgsample and -jpgtable

both -jpgsample and -jpgtable values are automatically set by pingo if they are not specified. i suggest to not change this, except if you really understand what it does


-jpgfilter is actually a transformation over the lossy (and not a parameter of the process) so it is disabled by default. this should increase details while adapting quality factors. this is very experimental atm — try & see — more in -jpgfilter post

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