[Feature Request] More information regarding versions of Pingo/a

Olav R. Birkeland said on 04/18/2018


I have some feature requests / questions regarding versioning of Pingo and Pinga:

* Would be nice if you could create a RSS feed containing new releases of Pingo and Pinga. Pinga (and Pingo off course) itself does not check for new versions, so I find myself checking your web page several times a week to check whether a new version of either program have come out.

* If not RSS feed: Make Pinga check for new version at startup, maximum once a day.

* Would be nice if Pinga could show the whole version number in the title bar. It could also show Pingo version. Example title bar text:

Pinga v0.6e | Pingo v0.96z6

* Show date of release on you webpage.

* Changelog for all versions would also be nice. Ex: What's the difference between Pinga v0.6c and v0.6e?



Cédric Louvrier said on 04/20/2018

this will require more things to update/recompile, etc. — i am too lazy and do not have time for this. the latest version should be always better (and updated)

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