More Compression?

Pierre said on 12/12/2017


Is that possible to have more compression with Pingo? Like -s9, -s10 etc. or better can we control iteration number like Zopflipng?

Thank you!

cédric (dev) said on 12/14/2017

it should be possible but it will slow pingo for just small gains. for PNG (Web usage), it could be better to find transformations to make data more compressible instead. the more these reductions are efficient, the less you need to add iterations

Daniel said on 12/14/2017

I support this.

It would be really great to have higher compression option, due to the reason many are ready to trade time for compression, even if it is only few bytes. :)

橘琥珀 said on 12/15/2017

Currently found pingo + ect should be enough for extreme compression. Or give it a try -> limitPNG. (Actually do the same work)

Daniel said on 12/15/2017

Is there english version of limitPNG?

Tetsuo said on 12/17/2017

I would definitely welcome extra flags that would push compression levels to the maximum at the cost of extra time.

It would also be great if geutzli could be added as an optional flag for the jpg conversion (while keeping the same quality metrics as you already have in place)

Simon said on 12/18/2017

+1 here ! About Guetzli, don't know how did you manage to get more compression than Guetzli here :

Can you provide Windows executable of "eguetzli" ?

cédric (dev) said on 01/29/2018

regarding eguetzli, you could find my binaries here. however, it should not compress more than original; it could be smaller only because it uses progressive

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