Pingo memory leak/high ram usage when processing large number of files.

sims said on 07/15/2018

Pingo ver 0.97.4 64bit windows 7

Used over 6GB of memory before I killed it while processing about 120K files about 19% of the way through.

Processing jpg files roughly 250KB in average size. Switches -lossless -s8

Shaves off about 12%-15%

Now that I think of it 6GB is roughly 19% of the 27.2GB file total. Is pingo not unloading the pictures after they are processed in memory?

C├ędric Louvrier said on 07/16/2018

thanks for report. should be fixed in 0.97.5

sims said on 07/18/2018

Thanks! That fixed it.

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