win only?

julien said on 09/28/2017

Hey Cédric.

I would love to try pingo on my laptop, but i'm running linux.

Do you plan to make any work outside of windows?


cédric (dev) said on 09/28/2017

[edit: see this post]

Andrew said on 11/26/2017

Hi, I would also like to try this on my Linux server, any chance you can make the source available?

P.S. You should probably add copyright notices/licences etc for relevant libs included.

feature request linux binary

mosfet said on 05/03/2018

is it possible please?

Hai said on 06/13/2018

Can you give a Linux version?


cédric (dev) said on 06/14/2018

[edit: 07/23/2018] you could try:

Aaron said on 07/26/2018

If source isn't coming soon, I'd also appreciate an OS X binary.

Up to date Linux binary

Robson said on 11/24/2018

Hi there,

Two questions:

  • Could you please provide an up to date Linux binary?
  • Why is the previous binary release marked as still experimental?

cédric (dev) said on 11/26/2018

up to date Linux binary

it should be 0.98.41 (updated on 11/15/2018) atm

Why (...) still experimental?

because i never tested it — any feedback is welcome

Aaron said on 12/04/2018

FWIW, it would not run under CentOS 6 due to incompatible libs

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