errors with uncommon png-file

nastyslave said on 01/17/2017

First of all thanks for a great apps! They are simply best at this moment at all! Keep develop further!

There is a thing. When I convert many png-files for great game Factorio to reduce their size up to 80%, some rare png-files from one author gives me an error when i tried to process them with your tools - pingo and pinga! Believe me - it's very rare case that your tools reports an errors! They worked simply wonderful! But I think that it's will be wery interesting for you to explore this uncommon png-file and find a bug in this files (not in your tool ofc :) ). Strange, but this files opens in viewers like normal ones and seems ordinary. But...

Look at this if u want to. Here is a sample:


Thanks again - it's really pleasure - to use your multithreaded Pinga! I waited for this paralleled compression for a long time!

Forgive me for this suggestion: your automatic pallette reducion works well, but can you add (for lossy modes) - manually set number of quantizing colours - like "Quantize image up to... [_X_] colours" - like X= 256 or 512 or 16... - when it's needed to user. Because your best preset for lossy paletted (+++) is quantizing up to 256 colors - and sometimes it's not enough, but truecolour with lossless compress is too big in size, and 512 or 384 for image is enough but cannot be achieved in this version. Or in other cases when needed to brute reduce image to "grayscale" up to 16 colours - automatic algorithm can save other almost unused colours that, which i don't want to put in palette. Sorry my noob's wishes, but i think you know what I have to say. Thanks again for your great work.

Keep increase usability of Pinga! We all love it!

Cédric Louvrier said on 01/17/2017

the sample your provided is a JPG file with a (wrong) ".png" extension: just rename it. about the quantizer, it could go up to 256 colors so PNG should be paletted. if you need more colors, try lossy filtering (or auto lossy, which should pick paletted/lossy filter by itself)

Cédric Louvrier said on 01/22/2017

0.95d should handle wrong extension by renaming it itself according to the file header

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