Converting to PNG is smaller than JPEG sometime

g.hyde said on 11/13/2017

Because PNG format has many other image types, such as palette-based(PAL1,PAL2,PAL4,PAL8) and grayscale(GRAY), some optimized JPEG images may larger than PNG(of course converted and optimized).

So I wish '-convertpng' option like '-convertjpg'.(Or auto-convert option will be needed that pingo decide conversion when only png/jpg is the smallest.) But it is not necessary. There are many conversion tools.

And...(my opinion). I used pingo with python script. I didn't want to see CLI, and I just wanted to see 'result with GUI alert(time, total saved and %)'. So I wrote python script by importing 'subprocess'(not to show CLI, and to perform non-linear task) and 'ctypes(to show messagebox(windll))', moved it to SendTo, deleted original script(installer). Now, pinga has been released. pinga is good, and will be better. but it is also good to show only the summary without any CLI and GUI, i think.

c├ędric (dev) said on 11/20/2017

pinga has been released

0.01 is just a first, fast & dirty trial, a simple front-end. it just gives instructions for now but maybe later it will be pingo with GUI

'-convertpng' option like '-convertjpg'

in most of cases, data conversion from JPG to PNG should give bigger filesize/lower quality because of artifacts. you could use some filters to remove them and/or convert to paletted, but it should be more efficient to convert from unaltered source instead

for better results, it could require a visual quality control and/or transformations to make data more compressible for PNG. on some samples, you can use Color quantizer or similar to do those modifications. example:

Color quantizer reduces artifacts, enhance colors and compresses
reduce artifacts
1. crop borders to useful definition
2. use the filter with good settings for your image to avoid artifacts
3. select or input the number of colors (256 or less will convert to palette)
4. replace values if necessary to merge some colors
5. save file using an optimization profile
Color quantizer : reduce artifacts and increase quality
original (JPG)optimized (PNG)
windows xp installation JPG windows xp installation PNG
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