0.98.26 broken on this image again

Intrinsic said on 10/05/2018


0.98.18 works fine, sorry I don't have the versions in between this and 0.98.26 to test when it broke. Maybe .24 or .25?

This is an odd edge case though and the only image which fails. I can open and re-save the image out in IrfanView and then it works as expected.

Intrinsic said on 10/05/2018



Save this GIF using IrfanView(i also saved it out using XNView as a test to see if it was an IV issue) and you'll see the image ends up getting corrupted. Well looks like it's the palette that isn't get generated correctly. The odd thing is you can process this file many times and sometimes you'll get different corruption issues or it just outright fails to do anything.

Also i've noticed it sometimes doesn't recognise an image has fewer colours than what the bit depth is set at and so doesn't produce a smaller file. Take this image linked above, in IV(or whatever you like to use) increase the bit depth to 24bit and try and process the file, nothing happens. Other versions detect this and adapt accordingly.

Good luck in bug fixing this!


Cédric Louvrier said on 10/05/2018

this comes from my attempt to speed-up the 8-bit depth test. should be still as fast as intended, and hopefully fixed in 0.98.27. thanks for report

edit: improved a bit the way that how it is detected in 0.98.28

pingo 0.98.28
phoenix.png — FX-4100 @ 3.6 Ghz - 8 Go RAM - Windows 7 64-bit
tool version options time in out
pingo 0.98 -s9 0.81s 63.35 KB 59.04 KB
pingo 0.98.28 -s9 0.59s 63.35 KB 58.79 KB

Intrinsic said on 10/07/2018

Hope you read this comment!

Amazing! you've returned pingo back to(and in a few cases beat!) versions such as 0.79s,0.84 & 0.89 on paletted images.

It did struggle on this file though if it helps:


Cédric Louvrier said on 10/07/2018

found the bug. thanks

pingo 0.98.30
romaybe.png — FX-4100 @ 3.6 Ghz - 8 Go RAM - Windows 7 64-bit
tool version options time in out
pingo 0.98.30 -s9 0.04s 3.30 KB 2.03 KB
pingo 0.98.31 -s9 0.04s 3.30 KB 1.95 KB

Intrinsic said on 10/11/2018

Maybe this will come through this time! keeps giving me an error message last few days.

Anyways, yep that worked a treat thank you!

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