read this first (faq)

about pingo
  • it is speed/space based — it will not provide maximum compression
  • pingo could adjust quality by itself whatever the lossy option
  • it has quality limitations because lower will be probably bad
  • if you want help about how pingo works — see examples
  • for maximum performance, do not use pingo throught a front-end/batch
  • you should not use it throught single/multithreading system
  • you could use wine for other OS than Windows
  • i do not provide any other tool than pingo
  • i do not make custom build or provide older version
  • there is no roadmap — no previsions — no dates
  • i could not guarantee that the tool works correctly
  • use only on backup and test files. always do backup!
  • always use the latest version available
bugs report
  • i am interested to fix bugs in current version (not older)
  • be sure you are using the latest version of pingo
  • it could help if you do trials yourself — if it bugs on a file, provide it
  • do NOT test pingo throught another tool — test pingo itself directly on files
  • please do report with all informations (version, bit-version, options, OS, files)
other techs
  • those techs are not used in pingo
  • Guetzli — mainly because of speed (see comparisons)
  • Lepton — which is a JPG packer, not an optimizer (see PackJPG)