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Pinga 0.42 - optimize jpegs have colour errors in Photoshop Elem. 2022

James Pous said, on 05/07/2022
command: extreme compression - jpeg best saving - all resources jpeg auto rotation

I optimized a huge amount of jpeg files with the latest pinga optimizer 0.42.
Today I opened one of the jpeg files in Adobe Photoshop Elements 2022 (latest updates).
I can open the file, but Adobe Photoshop Elements 2022 shows the structure of the image (e.g. harbour scene with building), but the colours are totally changed.
All the other optimized files have the same colour problem.

I used the following settings in pinga:

- extreme compression
- JPEG: best saving (slow encode and decode)
- jpeg auto rotation
- use all available resources

(all other checkboxes are not selected)

I tried to open the optimized file in XnViewMP 1.00 and IrfanView 4.60 (latest version) and they do not have any problems. Why does Adobe Photoshop Elements 2022 has a problem with them? Maybe Adobe use their own jpeg import algorithm?

Here you can find the optimized file:

Here is a screenshot of the picture within Adobe Photoshop Elements 2022:

Maybe you have an idea with settings are more compatible or is it an bug in pinga version 0.42? In the past I did not get this problem.
MegaByte said, on 06/07/2022
Photoshop does not support multiple components per DC scan. I'm not sure why this is still the case after so many years.
James Pous said, on 06/07/2022
Thank you for the fast reply.
It is a shame, that Adobe Photoshop, mother of all commercial picture editing programs, does not update their old import/export plugins for popular image formats. Although some important web formats (e.g. webp) are available through external plugins of independent developers for free. I will try to look for some external jpeg plugins from other developers. Maybe there are some available, which improve the old ones from Adobe.