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Can't run
on 9 August 2019, by Damien
Permission to advertise pingo and create tutorials in other languages
on 24 July 2019, by Cinthia
Mac Support
on 23 July 2019, by Kane
Version information?
on 11 July 2019, by DrD
FLIF support
on 10 May 2019, by Habere
Save in the Same Folder
on 4 April 2019, by Marco
Suggestions to palette reduction
on 19 March 2019, by DrD
Feature requests (though they may be outside of the parameters of Web Optimizer)
on 10 February 2019, by timegrinder
benchmarks refresh?
on 14 December 2018, by benchmarks
pingo vs pinga compression level
on 9 January 2019, by X.K.
Pingo window title
on 27 October 2018, by Lord_D
Processing subfolders
on 26 October 2018, by Palamber
Please add -nodate checkbox in pinga
on 15 October 2018, by Zerofool
License type
on 13 September 2018, by Costa
Strip and lossless
on 29 May 2018, by Javi
Brotli for PNG
on 12 May 2018, by Morgz
Parameters order
on 12 May 2018, by Nilsson
Special kind of JPEG optimization
on 01 April 2018, by Manuel
Second pass
on 27 March 2018, by Javi
Color palette
on 22 September 2019, by JVR
Will pingo be open source?
on 8 January 2018, by ye4241
More Compression?
on 12 December 2017, by Pierre
Converting to PNG is smaller than JPEG sometime
on 13 November 2017, by g.hyde
Pingo as dll for program including?
on 22 September 2017, by Wingcrony

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