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Strip jpg problem
on 7 April 2021, by mano
-srgb conversion problem with -s9
on 16 March 2021, by Javi
JPEG XL in the future?
on 23 January 2021, by Olav
Difference between -grayscale and -grayscale -s0
on 19 January 2021, by Donald P.
Add option to optimize for decompression speed
on 4 January 2021, by dwc
Better compression level
on 2 January 2021, by mano
-noalpha doesn't always work
on 2 January 2021, by mano
wavif apricot.avif example looks awful when opened in new tab
on 19 December 2020, by dwc
-pngpalette only works on 24bpp images
on 19 December 2020, by dwc
Webp becomes way too colorfull?
on 20 October 2020, by asdf
Compression level vs quality level
on 14 September 2020, by Sam
Can't compress files staring with -
on 10 September 2020, by megapro17
Pingo on linux abandoned?
on 10 September 2020, by Brunoais
AVIF support
on 6 September 2020, by Bbg
-pngpalette with values 70-74 produces the wrong amount of colors
on 5 September 2020, by dwc
Pingo removing PNG-pHYs section
on 1 September 2020, by Devedse
buffer input
on 31 August 2020, by Costa
reproduce results of Pingo with cwebp
on 31 August 2020, by jaff
This specific image causes Pingo to crash
on 19 August 2020, by Andrew
Options for scripting
on 8 May 2020, by Ignacio Carrera
pngfilter makes images darker
on 27 April 2020, by anon
auto parameter
on 20 April 2020, by Pavel
cannot convert jpg to webp [rc2 15]
on 18 April 2020, by sk
Pinga (latest version) - multiple optimization and every time the some saved space!
on 17 April 2020, by James Pous
Pinga GUI 0.99 latest version - Do not optimize huge amount of jpeg files
on 4 April 2020, by James Pous
Segmentation fault on Linux
on 26 March 2020, by Jeff
default parameters in pinga
on 21 March 2020, by Zcehtro
Certain text characters are not processed
on 21 March 2020, by Zcehtro
png lossy compress issue & compressed size
on 13 March 2020, by Adam
Problem with jpgquality param?
on 12 March 2020, by Tz
error: bad command when invoking -nodate
on 22 February 2020, by Rob
version 0.99 rc1 png lossy quality
on 18 February 2020, by Adam
Different behavior on Linux and Windows
on 13 February 2020, by Grzegorz Konefał
PNG-48 procceesed to PNG-24
on 11 February 2020, by Fred
Feature request: rotate, crop and scale
on 27 January 2020, by Grzegorz Kulewski
Cannot download zip using wget or curl
on 20 January 2020, by Lucas Rolff
Input profile is operating on wrong colorspace
on 14 January 2020, by Rei
on 3 January 2020, by Luc
Problem when a JPEG and a PNG have the same file name
on 30 December 2019, by Javi
Need a way to limit
on 23 December 2019, by doppler56
pinga ignores UNchecked strip: jpg and removes whole exif
on 14 December 2019, by Alex
INI file in GUI is not being used
on 16 December 2019, by Frederick
Filtering with -pngfilter
on 11 December 2019, by Letranger
Auto mode and PNG JPG convertion
on 5 December 2019, by Grzegorz Kulewski
Why exit on any error when batch processing?
on 11 November 2019, by Paul
Pinga lossless compression worse than PNGSlim
on 10 November 2019, by Michael
ESC always active listen
on 8 November 2019, by doppler56
Multiple operational comments
on 6 November 2019, by doppler56
How to set the output file?
on 1 November 2019, by Brunoais
linux absolute paths yields bad command
on 1 November 2019, by Brunoais
Found a PNG that is not reduced while pngout does the job just fine
on 1 November 2019, by Brunoais
png lossy and lossless compress question & RGBA32 conversion to RGB24 question
on 30 October 2019, by Adam
-grayscale does not set colorspace to gray
on 23 October 2019, by Habere
A flag to delete original/larger file after auto-conversion
on 26 September 2019, by Red
-webp changes the dimensions of the pic
on 24 September 2019, by Totor
Color palette
on 22 September 2019, by JVR
-webp not working with .jpeg
on 19 September 2019, by Totor
pingo finding the true format of a pic
on 18 September 2019, by Totos
Where Alpha=0 RGB is cluttered with data
on 17 September 2019, by Matz
GUI Installer always install in Program Files
on 2 September 2019, by Stoyan
[Bug] Unhandled full path
on 1 September 2019, by Habere
gui not support jpeg
on 30 August 2019, by gui not support jpeg
pinga 0.19 and Windows 10
on 30 August 2019, by JamesPous
This particular PNG gets skipped when converting to WebP
on 27 August 2019, by Lubos
Can't run
on 9 August 2019, by Damien
JPG crashed Pingo
on 8 August 2019, by Rooter
Please add flags to keep EXIF and IPTC data
on 8 August 2019, by Rooter
Permission to advertise pingo and create tutorials in other languages
on 24 July 2019, by Cinthia
Alpha channel of a RGBA png has been wrongly removed
on 23 July 2019, by Taigacon
Mac Support
on 23 July 2019, by Kane
-noext does not work
on 21 July 2019, by anonymous
Version information?
on 11 July 2019, by DrD
pingo does not convert files if a file with the same basename exists
on 21 May 2019, by Snowknight26
FLIF support
on 10 May 2019, by Habere
Save in the Same Folder
on 4 April 2019, by Marco
Unexpected behaviour
on 31 March 2019, by User
Crash when handling certain file
on 21 March 2019, by Steven
Suggestions to palette reduction
on 19 March 2019, by DrD
mozjpeg get more compress than pingo -s9
on 24 February 2019, by Lucas Valieri
Feature requests (though they may be outside of the parameters of Web Optimizer)
on 10 February 2019, by timegrinder
APNG is immediately deleted
on 28 January 2019, by Dinesh
Optimizing subsampled JPEGs produces standard-nonconforming results
on 28 January 2019, by Dinesh
Pinga 0.15 with latest Pingo 0.98.52 does not optimize
on 27 January 2019, by James Pous
pingo vs pinga compression level
on 9 January 2019, by X.K.
benchmarks refresh?
on 14 December 2018, by benchmarks
Pingo window title
on 27 October 2018, by Lord_D
Processing subfolders
on 26 October 2018, by Palamber
Please add -nodate checkbox in pinga
on 15 October 2018, by Zerofool
Pinga v14 Not multithreaded
on 15 October 2018, by Hakker
zero-alpha pixels sometimes not preserved with -lossless/-noalpha
on 13 October 2018, by boring
0.98.26 broken on this image again
on 5 October 2018, by Intrinsic
License type
on 13 September 2018, by Costa
Pinga fails with NTFS long path
on 29 August 2018, by Olav R. B.
Pinga 0.08 - admin rights
on 22 August 2018, by James Pous
Pingo memory leak/high ram usage when processing large number of files
on 15 July 2018, by sims
Unicode filenames and folder names not working properly
on 1 June 2018, by Veggie
Strip and lossless
on 29 May 2018, by Javi
Brotli for PNG
on 12 May 2018, by Morgz
Parameters order
on 12 May 2018, by Nilsson
pingo 64-bit 0.96zx -s9 breaks alpha
on 10 May 2018, by Aaron
Pingo crash (PNG)
on 7 May 2018, by Javi
Input size cap issue
on 11 April 2018, by Mathieu
Pinga can't handle many files
on 9 April 2018, by Olav R. Birkeland
Pingo crash (JPG)
on 6 April 2018, by Javi
Special kind of JPEG optimization
on 01 April 2018, by Manuel
Second pass
on 27 March 2018, by Javi
errors with uncommon png-file
on 17 January 2018, by nastyslave
JPEG related crashes
on 11 January 2018, by Lord_D
Will pingo be open source?
on 8 January 2018, by ye4241
Corrupted images
on 1 January 2018, by Aaron
More Compression?
on 12 December 2017, by Pierre
Converting to PNG is smaller than JPEG sometime
on 13 November 2017, by g.hyde
Pingo as dll for program including?
on 22 September 2017, by Wingcrony

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