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pingo does not convert files if a file with the same basename exists
on 21 May 2019, by Snowknight26
Unexpected behaviour
on 31 March 2019, by User
Crash when handling certain file
on 21 March 2019, by Steven
mozjpeg get more compress than pingo -s9
on 24 February 2019, by Lucas Valieri
APNG is immediately deleted
on 28 January 2019, by Dinesh
Optimizing subsampled JPEGs produces standard-nonconforming results
on 28 January 2019, by Dinesh
Pinga 0.15 with latest Pingo 0.98.52 does not optimize
on 27 January 2019, by James Pous
Pinga v14 Not multithreaded
on 15 October 2018, by Hakker
zero-alpha pixels sometimes not preserved with -lossless/-noalpha
on 13 October 2018, by boring
0.98.26 broken on this image again
on 5 October 2018, by Intrinsic
Pinga fails with NTFS long path
on 29 August 2018, by Olav R. B.
Pinga 0.08 - admin rights
on 22 August 2018, by James Pous
Pingo memory leak/high ram usage when processing large number of files
on 15 July 2018, by sims
Unicode filenames and folder names not working properly
on 1 June 2018, by Veggie
pingo 64-bit 0.96zx -s9 breaks alpha
on 10 May 2018, by Aaron
Pingo crash (PNG)
on 7 May 2018, by Javi
Input size cap issue
on 11 April 2018, by Mathieu
Pinga can't handle many files
on 9 April 2018, by Olav R. Birkeland
Pingo crash (JPG)
on 6 April 2018, by Javi
errors with uncommon png-file
on 17 January 2018, by nastyslave
JPEG related crashes
on 11 January 2018, by Lord_D
Corrupted images
on 1 January 2018, by Aaron

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