set a specific JPG quantization table

last modified on 9 July 2019, by Cédric Louvrier

pingo could set a specific quantization table to transform image data. this could be useful to ajust this setting according to the image specifications (flat graphics, etc.). this affect the visual quality perception

N: from 0 to 5 — 0: JPEG Annex K, 1: Flat, 2: MS-SSIM, 3: IMagick, 4: PSNR-HVS, 5: Klein, Silverstein and Carney
pingo -jpgtable=N target

quantization table 1: flat

original file: bear-rgb.png set a quantization table for flat graphics
-jpgquality=70 -jpgtable=0 -jpgquality=70 -jpgtable=1
bear yellow t0 - original bear yellow t1 - original
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0.00126796 - 3.357919 0.00077514 - 1.861765

quantization table 3: ImageMagick table by N. Robidoux

original file: landscape.jpg set a quantization table for 4:2:0 subsampling
original -jpgsample=2 -jpgtable=3
landscape landscape - table 3
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