convert PNG to JPG

last modified on 9 July 2019, by Cédric Louvrier

pingo could try to convert PNG to JPG if applicable. this should transform the image data to remove transparency

pingo -jpgconvert target
original file: zephyr.png (866.12 KB) — PNG to JPG
original file pingo -jpgconvert
zephyr - PNG zephyr - jpgconvert
866.12 KB 296.30 KB (0.59s)

PNG to JPG with conversion to sRGB colorspace

original file: fruits-iccp-noalpha.png (399.12 KB): PNG to JPG (conversion to sRGB colorspace)
original pingo -jpgconvert
fruits - sRGB PhotoShop fruits - sRGB pingo auto
399.12 KB 67.83 KB (0.12s) - JPG
iCCP chunk (colors profile) converted to sRGB

fill background color

N: from 0 to 255 — colors
pingo -jpgconvert -rgb: N N N target
original file: file01.png (358.51 KB): remove transparency from PNG (lossy)
original pingo -jpgconvert -rgb: 96 128 128
file01 - original file01 -no transparency (JPG)
358.51 KB 67.03 KB (0.15s)