convert PNG to JPG

last modified on 30 July 2019, by Cédric Louvrier

pingo could try to convert PNG to JPG if applicable. this should transform the image data to remove transparency

pingo -jpgconvert target
original file: zephyr.png (866.12 KB) — PNG to JPG
original file pingo -jpgconvert
zephyr - PNG zephyr - jpgconvert
866.12 KB 200.22 KB (0.39s)

PNG to JPG with conversion to sRGB colorspace

original file: fruits-iccp-noalpha.png (385.09 KB): PNG to JPG (conversion to sRGB colorspace)
original pingo -jpgconvert
fruits - sRGB PhotoShop fruits - sRGB pingo auto
385.09 KB 65.29 KB (0.12s) - JPG
iCCP chunk (colors profile) converted to sRGB

fill background color

N: from 0 to 255 — colors
pingo -jpgconvert -rgb: N N N target
original file: file01.png (358.51 KB): remove transparency from PNG (lossy)
original pingo -jpgconvert -rgb: 96 128 128
file01 - original file01 -no transparency (JPG)
358.51 KB 59.91 KB (0.08s)