convert JPG to PNG (with filter)

last modified on 9 July 2019, by Cédric Louvrier

pingo could do some transformation to remove artifacts or colors from JPG before conversion to PNG. this transformation could be combined efficiently with -pngpalette=N on simple graphics (source should be high quality)

N: from 1 to 12 — 1: smooth filter — 12: strong filter — M: from 1 to 100 — 1: few colors — 100: up to 256 colors
pingo -pngconvert=N -pngpalette=M target

few colors

original file: win-install.jpg (78.26 KB): JPG to PNG conversion with few colors
original pingo -pngconvert=4 -pngpalette=1
win install - original win install - optimized
78.26 KB 3.92 KB (0.13s)

more colors

original file: image-optimisation.jpg (254.14 KB): JPG to PNG conversion with more colors
original pingo -pngconvert=8 -pngpalette=100
io - original io - optimized
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