auto-rotation according to EXIF orientation segment

last modified on 30 July 2019, by Cédric Louvrier

pingo could detect how the image is oriented thanks to the EXIF orientation segment. it could transform the image automatically losslessly or with lossy reductions

auto-orientation in lossless for web modes
pingo -sN target
auto-orientation in lossy modes
pingo -auto=N target


original file: station.jpg (392.52 KB): auto-orientation
original pingo -s9 pingo -auto
hand - original hand - original hand - original
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original lossless lossy


auto-orientation samples
no segement orientation 1 orientation 2
no JPG orientation segments JPG orientation 1 JPG orientation 2
orientation 3 orientation 4 orientation 5
JPG orientation 3 JPG orientation 4 JPG orientation 5
orientation 6 orientation 7 orientation 8
JPG orientation 6 JPG orientation 7 JPG orientation 8